NEW WRITINGS OF SOUND AND MUSIC// Amanda Schoofs // Fragility of Permanence


Fragility of Permanence

Composed and Painted by Amanda Schoofs

Solo for contrabass/voice


Acrylique et encre sur papier, 22″ x 30″

Fragility of Permanence is dedicated to Jason Hoopes, who commissioned and premiered the work on April 19, 2009, at Mills College in Oakland, CA.

Fragility of Permanence is a painted score for soloist performing on contrabass and voice.  The piece is read semi-traditionally, from the left side of the page to the right side, and from the top of the page to the bottom of the page, using proportional spacing.  With that said, the performer should not feel strictly bound to this movement pattern across the page, and may take liberties when her eyes moves her to, or in spontaneously repeating/sustaining materials, etc.  The duration of Fragility is indeterminate (Jason premiered the piece at fifteen minutes), and the golden background can indicate space and silence. 

The fragmented text is from a diary I kept while living in Paris during the summer of 2008 – a summer of opportunity and departure, with many possibilities, and only one direction.  The composition is deeply personal, and in many ways a meditation on relationships, place, spiritual inheritance, and my desire to connect, in some way, to the greater human experience.  Permanence is a word that we use to describe an idea that is outside of our realm of understanding.  The only truly permanent substance is the internal found in the present moment.  The soloist should try to be fully present while performing this piece.

In general the intensity of the pigment on the page represents the intensity of sound.  The shape and gesture of the mark on the page represents the sonic gesture, etc.  The performer should focus on the strings’ resonant, breathy, vibrant, ethereal, and harmonic qualities.  Let the textures and color of the paint embody the timbre and textures of your sound.  Gestures, wildly deconstructed pitches, and traditionally notated pitches can all be sung as well as sounded on the bass.  Let your voice live within and come the resonance of the bass, and the bass come from the omnipresent sound of your breath.  Think of the text as a constant textual foundation that sometimes fades into silence and sometimes transforms into tone.  Like a mantra that the audiences barely hears; a gentle susurrus of consonants, vowels, phonemes, and intimate vocal sounds.  Sound interrupting thought, thought being accented by sound.  Silence interrupting thought, silence being punctuated by sound.

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