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 Instrumentation and methods of interpretation: Instrumentation and amount of performers is free

1. How would you describe this form of writing sound and / or music?

Graphic Score

2. How do you think your proposal can be interpreted?

As a guide for improvisation, or together with the suggested legenda as a more detailed instruction for any type of ensemble. Musicians that prefer to perform from a traditional score can interpret the score according to the legenda and write their part in Western staff notation.

3. What meanings or additional level provides this particular form of writing to the performance and / or to the interpretation of the work?

The most important opportunity this piece offers is a great variety of interpretations and performances, while the main concept of the piece remains intact: finding a balance between several competing elements. This can be established through the form of the piece viewed horizontally, and on a smaller scale between the individual elements, which can be interpreted as sets of musical parameters, vertically.

23. août 2013 par Mathevet Frédéric
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