NEW WRITINGS OF SOUND AND MUSIC// Rebekkah PALOV// Glitch in Variable and Determinate States



extrait de la partition.

*Instrumentation ou modalités d’interprétation:

Midi recording of keyboard interface with timed periods to play seven notes either linear or in masses. This recording data was then printed out on 102 pages which was entered into computer video switcher and seven TV’s visually played the seven notes visually. The 102 pages were then reinterpreted as a text and drawing volume. The text is three sentences, I am in love, Home is a tangible, The sublime is not a faker, with pages of drawing separating them (edition of 18). The midi data was lastly used to control playback of sample recordings of tube TV’s turing off and on.

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1.Comment décrieriez-vous cette forme d’écriture du sonore et/ou du musical ?

A kind of drawing across media, where the mark made in the midi recording, then informs decisions about the TV’s and the time-based content. Which then leads into the next form of print and linear page, and then returns to close the composition with sounds drawn with audio-recordings of TV’s. Like drawings, danger and play the piece is about experiments and unanticipated results.

2. Comment, selon vous, votre proposition peut elle être interprétée ?

My hope is for many possible interpretations including those concerned with contemporary multimedia mashups of image, text, audio and video in internet activities and new thinking on how to navigate them in arts practice, as well the rigor of historical protocols including cursive penmanship and western keyboards, as well, the loneliness of conditional statements and the pleasure of music .

3. Quelles significations ou niveau supplémentaire apporte cette forme d’écriture particulière à la performance et/ou à l’interprétation de l’œuvre ?

Back and forth between, labors of analog performance and digital data: the process from performing/playing the seven notes, converted to data and computer data entry, to which is then added penmanship, lastly the data is reanimated by audio samples, and turned into music. 

20. août 2013 par Mathevet Frédéric
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