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Title of the Noise: Components

1. How would you describe this noise?

‘Components’ is an organically layered composition that is comprised from several hundred “micro-melodies”.  Stratified together, these ordinarily nebulous melodies create dense textures that allude to musicality in a seemingly abstract or ethereal way.  Yet, when analyzed, can be identified on more traditional terms and appreciated on an almost intrinsic level.

2. Is there a relevant concept in your sound or musical work? Why?

 The work itself addresses the relationship that melody has within texture and how this subsequently relates to the listener.  The relevance of these relationships point to an understanding of how sound can evoke thoughts, feeling and emotions.

3. Do you think the future of music is in noise? 

Noise will continue to play a larger role in music and become more accessible.  However, some may argue that noise has always played a major role in music – in fact, when reasoned on, « music » is simply a collection of « noises » tuned to particular frequencies that often complement one another.

About the Band
Focusing heavily on textural relationships, Matawan seek to portray an aural journey that often treads a fine line between brooding density and compelling melody.
Specifically choosing to use electric guitars and voice as their primary mediums, the band’s compositions vary organically which helps to give each performance its own sense of freedom.
About the Artists
Barclay Brennan is an avant-garde composer and visual artist based in London, UK.  He has worked collaboratively on several audio/visual projects and continues to produce visual works for solo and group exhibitions.  Currently, he is working along-side Gareth Chapman producing audio works for a project entitled ‘Matawan’.
Gareth Chapman is a multi-disciplined, experimental audio composer.  His repertoire cross-spans both traditional and experimental forms of music which he has used in a number of audio based projects.  He is currently producing works along-side Barclay Brennan for a project entitled ‘Matawan’.

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