Noises# Russ Young# Common Pond and John´s Bike


1. How would you describe this noise?

The tracks try to create an image by assembling textures. Sound sources are mutated and blended to build a description. Common Pond focuses on pond like textures and multiple listening points that i imagined to be submerged, from a nearby road or an aerial view.

John’s Bike was inspired by the regular sound event of a neighbour getting ready for work every night. Field recordings are mutated and blended with organ samples to build an abstract representation.

2. Is there a relevant concept in the work to noise?

I collect noises everywhere i go as well as try to create my own and they both feed into each other. I am fascinated by the infinite possibilities of using noise to create a kind of sound hologram in the listener’s mind.

Perhaps our imaginations often under go bigger leaps when we hear and dont see? The more i pay attention to the sound colliding around me, the more I am inspired to record / combine / remake them.

3. Do you think the future of music is in noise?

Difficult question! I dont think the use of noise in music has by any means been exhausted,

especially the potential of sound manipulation and the simple act of juxtoposition. I dream of a time when sound is as easy and simple to manipulate as clay.

– Born in Lincoln, UK 1988
– Studied Visual Studies at NUA (uk)
– recently was artist in residence at MAM – Museo De Arte Moderno Chiloe, Chile

05. avril 2014 par Mathevet Frédéric
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