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1. How would you describe this « noise »?
The question of what (human) listeners decide is noise and what is music is a central topic in this recent work. While, the audio scene in a subway station would usually be described as noise, and yet notes (which adhere to the overtone series) performed by an orchestra are easily deemed musical. In this piece, a computer analyzes a recording of a noisy subway station, determining the frequencies present in each moment for each complex wave. These frequencies are converted into pitches. Within the computer, a virtual ensemble (flute, guitar, cello, piano, drum) performs the pitches that would ordinarily comprise the complex wave of the original « noise ». Is the composition music or noise?
2. The noise is there a relevant concept in your sound or musical work? Why?

These pieces reveal that absolutely all vibrating air molecules constitute noise. However, regardless of how these frequencies (chaotically arranged as in shattering glass or proportioned in a specific, recognizable ratio as in instrument timbres), music is the internal experience, occurring exclusively within the mind, and only related to the stimuli by happenstance. Music and musicality are not real physical property in the universe, but a fanciful, impulsive projected feature, detected for personal psychological reasons.
3. Do you think the future of music is in noise?
I think noise has always fascinated musicians. Once upon a time, cave dwellers probably would have been alarmed by the novel sounds of a piano. They certainly would not have identified it with the drums and chanting they thought of as music. As technologies evolve, things that were noise become musical. In the recent centuries, the number of very different sounds available to the musician has exploded. Actually, this number has probably always remained large, and the perspective with which we say one noise is unlike another changes radically. So, to answer your question, in the future, as in all of human history, there will be a distinction between noise and music. However, the qualifications will change so drastically that music of one era may easily sound like noise in another. In other words, to slightly alter the question, the music of the future will be noise.

bio: judsoN makes Behavioral Art, programming computers in order to study cognition.  His software experiments/artwork, papers, music and performances have been featured extensively around the world since 1996. site :

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