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*Questions:1. How would you describe this « noise »? 2. The noise is there a relevant concept in your sound or musical work? Why? 3. Do you think the future of music is in noise?

1.) Engulfing. Somewhat monotonous on the surface, but baring a signal (as in ‘to noiseratio’) in its hidden depths. While not really harsh, it feels rather unfriendly and not intended to be pleasant. And while different performances share the same overall acoustic character, every single wave-cycle is a non-reproducible singularity.
2) Like all music, noise starts with silence. It is in the difference between complete silence and white noise (i.e. the full audible spectrum) that the distinction which makes a distinction takes place. Where most “tonal” (even the so called atonal) music starts painting sounds into a silence, noise allows the opposite approach – to carve a interesting sonic events out of a wall of noise. his Namelessness Is Legion likes to playfully probe the area of distinction – with all available means that seem befitting but also always guided by – at least – a personal sense of “musicality”-
3.) No. I think the future of music is, like its past, music. I do believe that noise has a future AS music – because it already has a past as such. It is a good 100 years since the futurists took to their Intonarumori teaching us the Art of Noise. There are “Noise- Events”, academic discourse and an audience out there, etc.… but I highly doubt that it will (at least in foreseeable time) completely replace other musical genres or traditions.

aka Oliver Stummer (b. 1974) is an Austrian electronic musician, producer and multiinstrumentalist currently living and working in London. Interested in the nodal points of music- (and sound-) cognition his Namelessness Is Legion is his vehicle for aural experimentation. Working mostly with DIY sound-devices & modified instruments/effects, but also “standard” instruments, field recordings and found sound his acoustic output seeks equally to entertain and to aid reflection about “why we hear, what we hear when we listen to what we perceive as music.”

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