Noise#La Cosa Preziosa#The edge of the world

the edge of the world. from La Cosa Preziosa on Vimeo.

1 Comment décririez-vous ce bruit ?

Tubular resonance, field recorded on location.

2 Le bruit est-il une notion pertinente dans votre travail sonore ou musical ? Pourquoi ?

Yes- as part of my artistic practice I am committed to finding the beautiful (the ‘precious’) in the sounds of the everyday- which often include sounds we dismiss as ‘noises’.

3 Pensez-vous que l’avenir de la musique se trouve dans les bruits ?

I am not sure, but certainly since Luigi Russolo via John Cage we are increasingly tuning into the musical qualities of noises and sounds that are not intrinsically ‘musical’ or necessarily pleasant at first listen.

La Cosa Preziosa is a sound artist and field recordist originally from the south of Italy but based in Dublin, Ireland.  Her work focuses on the composition of creative soundscapes (from storytelling to the abstract) using her own field recorded material.

20. juillet 2015 par Mathevet Frédéric
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