Enquête « Meanwhile, in Fukushima »/// Nagahata Koji/// Fukushima soundscapes


Dans le cadre de l’enquête « Engagement, Résistance, Usage Social » sur la participation au projet de Dominique Balaÿ « Meanwhile, in Fukushima », voici les réponses au questionnaire de Nagahata Koji pour son projet Fukushima soundscapes que vous pouvez découvrir ici .

Why did you choose to participate in the project « Meanwhile, in Fukushima »? In what way « Fukushima » is it an event for which you can get implicated?

On May 1, 2011, about one and half months after the sever accidents, I started field recording of the Fukushima soundscapes. As a soundscape researcher living in Fukushima city, I thought I must record the changing of soundscapes in Fukushima city and report via web, in order to make people in the whole world realize what the accidents of nuclear power plants have been causing to residents in Fukushima. The web page I’m making for is Fukushima Soundscapes (http://www.sss.fukushima-u.ac.jp/~nagahata/fsp_311/index-e.html)


While I continue making the web page (even now), I always want that more people will access the page, listen to the sounds on the page, and consider the accidents of nuclear power plants. Therefore, when Dominique came to my lab and talked about his project, I thought it is very good idea to participate in the project.

Can you describe the piece you have proposed in « Meanwhile, Fukushima »?

Field recordings at Fukushima city.

What are the choices of sound, of composition and devices … which reflect your commitment? Or how your engagement is reflected in your music?

I choose the (recorded) soundscapes which well symbolize the current circumstances of Fukushima city.


11. janvier 2013 par Mathevet Frédéric
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