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Découvrez le jeux d’ Aaron Oldenburg, Invisible Landscaping, un paysage virtuel dans lequel vous promenez votre micro et réalisez votre field recording interactif. (jeux à télécharger ici).


* site de l’artiste :

* Title of work: Invisible Landscaping

* Instrumentation and methods of interpretation: software, Mac or Windows

An attempt at spatial composition, Invisible Landscaping (2011) is game that allows the player to garden an audio terrain, trimming down larger, identifiable ambient sound and water and growing small, abstract, subterranean sounds. By distinguishing sounds within noise, the player is able to create a new soundscape. It is partly inspired by John Cage’s dichotomy of large and small sounds, and his methods for searching for them:

« small sounds were to be detected through a supple direction of attention and more often using technological means, whereas loud sounds were to be found through a peripatetic trek that would place him in the vicinity of a loud sound. Small sounds were absolutely everywhere; loud sounds dwelled in certain locations and drew Cage himself in their direction, as if by gravitational pull of their mass » (Kahn, 2001, p. 234).

The interactive triggering of diagetic sounds in games, in combination with ambient sounds that are outside the player’s control, can work together to form a spatially composed music or sound art piece. This audio environment was written through code.

26. avril 2013 par Mathevet Frédéric
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