Zahra Jewanjee and Simon Coates// Vipralambha// MAJ


Suite à Vipralambha.

1. How would you describe this form of writing sound and / or music? A graphic ideas board from two artists working in sound rather than music. The piece you see is essentially two people trying to communicate thoughts and notions to each other, and neither person can read music nor have any wish to. In any conversation – especially if it involves planning – people will resort to using pencil on paper to put across their thinking in a more visual (and therefore forceful) way. This piece of paper illustrates our determination to put our ideas across to one another.

2. How do you think your proposal can be interpreted? The sound art work plan is a map that has many directions. There’s no (or little) linear quality as this is not the intention. Looking at it after the Vipralambha piece was made, what looks like a page of sqiggles and doodles in fact evokes some very strong, very fond memories, especially as Vipralambha is the first piece we worked together. Sheet music doesn’t tell the whole story. This is anti-sheet music.

3. What meanings or additional level provides this particular form of writing to the performance and / or to the interpretation of the work? The work plan becomes a work of art in itself. On a very simple level, Zahra finds it impossible to listen to anything without doing something else at the same time, and the something else is normally drawing. So the work plan also includes areas oz Zahra’s unconsciously driven, spontaneous drawings. The words ‘moment of rapture’ were not written in red for any reason, however Vipralambha’s central theme is one of rapture and the work plan obviously shows just how important that was to us both. One can also see tat the piece was originally meant to be fifteen minutes in length, and in three sections. Fifteen minutes was simply too long in the end although the piece does have three sections. ‘Jhule Lal’ is the words used in one of the Ichra shrine chants that Zahra recorded and is used in the piece.

05. juin 2013 par Mathevet Frédéric
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