NEW WRITINGS OF SOUND AND MUSIC// Arvin Hosseini Kamal // Cantata No.5 and 7


Arvin Hosseini Kamal

Cantata No.5 and 7

 Instrumentation and methods of interpretation: Chamber Orchestra and Choir



Deux pages extraites de Cantata 5



Deux pages extraites de Cantata 7

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1. How would you describe this form of writing sound and / or music?

I have been trying to express how the music would probably sound by images. The image is emerged through a painting, a drawing and four notes. The way how the notes are taking place resembles a kind of game. A musical game. Three of these notes are giving some directions towards the musical tones and rhythm patterns, while the fourth note is a handwritten note telling a story. All these are supposed to give the performers a battleground which on its basis they will improvise freely. This way is also supposed to give a freedom to a piece, so the piece will vary each time it is being performed.

2. How do you think your proposal can be interpreted?

The musical writing of the piece is in classical format. But they are just suggestions for the pitch and rhythm. While they are in the same level of value in helping the performer beside all the other images used. Musical writing, Fonts, Painting, Drawing, Storytelling, Signs etc. all are giving the impression of how the music is sounding and why it is sounding. They are giving directions to the performance as well as the idea of the creation of the music itself. So the performer would not be performing an already composed music but creating it each time it is being performed again and again.

3. What meanings or additional level provides this particular form of writing to the performance and / or to the interpretation of the work?

In my Idea there would be no need for any additional help. This is while a workshop with the composer could be helpful while rehearsing the piece. 

26. août 2013 par Mathevet Frédéric
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