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Hunting-and-Chasing-3Interprétation disponible ici : Hunting and Chasing

Instrumentation and Methods of interpretation:

The score for Hunting and Chasing, for Fixed Media, contains symbols on light background systems (staff systems on a music score). Each symbol represents a different sound sample. The score consists of symbols of various colors representing different sounds and various shapes represent different envelopes of sound. Two symbols with the same color but different shapes represent two samples with the same sound but different envelopes. Two symbols with the same shape but different colors represent two different sounds with the same envelope.

The size of the shapes reflect the volume. The bigger the shape, the louder and vice versa. Envelopes shown as straight horizontal lines represent sounds that don’t change volume. Horizontal lines that gets wider and thinner represent the volume of the sound sample changing over time. Small vertical lines represent sounds that last for less than half a second. A symbol that’s very thin on the left and right sides and very wide in the middle should start out soft, gradually get loud, then gradually get soft again.

Altogether, the score can be read like staff notation and the English language; reading each system from left to right and from the top system to the bottom.

How I describe this form of writing sound/music:

Alpha-numeric language or standard musical notation are only symbols. My score for Hunting and Chasing is made up of symbols just like those in alpha-numeric language or standard musical notation. Each symbol in my score expresses a little element of the piece. When these elements are put together, they create the piece, Hunting and Chasing. It’s no different then the symbols (letters) in alpha-numeric language being put together to create a book or the symbols (notes) of standard musical notation make a piece of music. 

How I think my piece can be interpreted:

Based on the title of the piece and the way I have shaped the symbols, I think the Electronic Musician will interpret this piece as things running away from or to animals in a hunt-like fashion. There’s always a symbol coming one right after another. Some of these symbols change their shape in a really short amount of time implying that the sounds should start loud and immediately be soft or vice versa. Then there would be another one right after that just like it, like one thing running after another thing. The symbol that’s thin on either side and fat in the middle would imply that something is sneaking towards a prey to catch it, then, when the sound is loud, he either catches it or misses it. 

What meanings or additional level provides this particular form of writing to the performance and/or to the interpretation of the work?

The chaos of the symbols on these systems would imply that the piece itself is chaotic. There are some places where there are symbols all over the place doing unpredictable things, which should imply that there are hunts and chases all over the place in this scene that this piece is trying to imitate.

20. août 2013 par Mathevet Frédéric
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